Every organization has information that it must store and manage to meet its requirements. For example, a corporation must collect and maintain human resources records for its employees. This information must be available to those who need it.

An information system is a formal system for storing and processing information. An information system could be a set of cardboard boxes containing manila folders along with rules for how to store and retrieve the folders. However, most companies today use a database to automate their information systems. A database is an organized collection of information treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to collect, store, and retrieve related information for use by database applications.

Oracle Database 18c

The future of databases

The industry’s leading database just got better with Oracle Database 18c. This enterprise-proven database cloud service supports any size workload through any deployment or management strategy, including running autonomously. Experience the power of unmatched scale and technology.

Over successive database releases, Oracle has introduced innovative automated features that have helped administrators deliver a superior level of service to their end users.

These innovations include:

Cost based Optimization. Automatic SQL query optimization, automatic statistics gathering, automatic query rewrite automatic SQL Plan management and automatic SQL tuning.
Performance Tuning and Diagnostics. Automatic memory and resource management, automatic index and materialized view advisors, Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, Automatic Database Workload capture & replay and Automatic Workload Repository
Data Optimization. Automatic undo management, automatic segment space management, Automatic Storage Management, Automatic Data Optimization and automatic columnar cache.
Cloud Scale Operations. Automatic standby management (broker), Diagnostic Framework, Multitenant Architecture, automatic database clone refresh and machine learning in Cluster Health Advisor.

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