Oracle Asset Management Software

Lime Software is an Oracle License Management offering, verified by Oracle, and dedicated exclusively to managing Oracle risk. Lime Software was the first to market in 2007.

Customers using Database software are unable to make informed procurement decisions due to complex licensing rules, leading to non-compliance and un-budgeted spend. Database licensing is a time consuming task which can lead to serious financial penalties if not done right. To mitigate software licensing compliance risks, Lime ftware focused product range: Oracle Asset Management Software & Audit Tools, approach to assisting customers in Oracle Licensing based on the ISO 19770 Standard for Software Asset Management.

Lime Software puts your business back in control of your Oracle Licensing. Helping you understand your compliance position, manage your risks and maintain accurate reporting of actual usage of all Oracle Technology

Lime Software deliver cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position

Lime Software deliver cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position

Without compromising on performance.
Cost Reduction and Mitigation, Compliance and Control of all Oracle Software Assets.
Architected to meet stringent scalability, availability and security demands
Oracle Technology and e-Business Suite support
Granular Auditing to ensure compliance

Zero Infrastructure Implementation

Lime does not require any infrastructure to deploy, no middleware or databases are required. Inventory turn around in days not months

Zero Server Footprint Technology

Lime uses standard JDBC and PL/SQL to connect and collect

Zero-Agent installation

Just install on your desk-top PC and it starts to collect all the data required to ensure your Oracle Products are compliant. No Network overhead, just fast effective auditing

Effective Named User Plus License Management

Customers who have Enterprise User License Agreements (EULA) with Oracle struggle to accurately report on actual usage of their end user populations; the benefits of the EULA are not always achieved. Lime License Manager actively manages this problem by reporting detailed usage of the Oracle Database. User history (Metering) is accurately captured and stored for complete analysis, given customers an exact view of whether they are over-spending on their Oracle licensing.

Compliance, Control and Cost Reduction

Lime's product's are designed to meet the stringent standards demanded by our Enterprise Customers. Our aim is to get customers compliant, maintain a complaint position and understand where change impacts their bottom-line. With Scalable, Agent-less technologies Lime delivers Oracle License compliance at a fraction of the cost of any competitive solutions.

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