Founded 1978, IRI is the big data processing and data-centric protection ISV renown for superior price-performance tools that share an easy 4GL and Eclipse GUI to:

Extract large tables from Oracle, et al, into flat files (FACT).
Transform/stage (sort, join, aggregate, filter, etc.) structured data.
Accelerate SQL*Loader, DW ETL tool transforms, and offline reorgs.
Write custom 2D reports or hand-off subsets to advanced BI tools.
Migrate legacy sort tools, file formats, and data types.
Report on deltas and slowly changing dimensions, and remap data.
Protect PII in files and tables at the field level via encrypt, mask, etc.
Generate safe, intelligent test data for ETL, DB, and developers.

IRI is best known for its flagship CoSort software, which provides the data movement power and manipulation capabilities for an integrated product line, supported in Eclipse, that handles both

Data Management, including: Data Transformation, Data & DB Migration, Big Data ETL & BI
Data Protection, including: Data Masking, Data Governance, Data Quality, Test Data Creation

Value to the Customer

Speed: For more than three decades, CoSort has defined the state-ofthe-art in big data sorting technology, repeatedly reported as the fastest commercial-grade sort tool for UNIX and Windows. CoSort also leveragesmulti-threading, and combines other transform tasks in the same I/O pass.
Ease: All IRI tools are driven by a single, self-documenting 4GL that is also conveniently integrated into an Eclipse GUI called IRI Workbench. All IRI functionality is developed organically from this base, instead of from acquisitions that can result in disjointed integrations and interfaces.
Versatility: CoSort combines fast, big data transformations with database, file and data type conversion, field-level encryption/masking, and numerous targeting options including BI and ETL tools, change data capture, custom, detail and summary reports, and test data targets. Value: CoSort consistently offers the most speed and functionality — and flexible licensing terms — at the lowest commercial price points.
Value: CoSort consistently offers the most speed and functionality — and flexible licensing terms — at the lowest commercial price points.

IRI CoSort

The world’s first commercial sort package off the mainframe continues to deliver maximum price-performance and functional versatility for manipulating huge files, tables, and other data sources.

IRI CoSort® is not only the world’s #1 sort/merge utility, it is also a proven, user-friendly, one-stop “super tool” supported in Eclipse for easily performing, accelerating, and combining:

Big Data Packaging, Protection, and Provisioning DW Data Integration and Staging
DB Extraction, Transformation, and Loading File Format and Data Type Conversions
Custom Source/Target Data Mapping Data Cleansing and Data Quality
Batch, Summary, and Delta (CDC) Reporting Data Preparation for 3rd-Party BI Tools
Metadata and Master Data Management Data Masking and Encryption

Use CoSort and its powerful 4GL program and Eclipse GUI for:

legacy sort replacement and data migration projects
fast data warehouse ETL and ODS operations
very large database (VLDB) load and query acceleration
BI/analytic tool performance optimization
data governance
application performance improvement

Use CoSort to augment – or replace – existing ETL / sort / BI tools, 3GL and SQL programs, or batch and shell (Perl, Python, etc.) scripts.

IRI Fast Extract

(FACT™) is a parallel unload utility for very large database (VLDB) tables in:

SQL Server

FACT uses simple job scripts (supported in a familiar Eclipse GUI) to rapidly create portable flat files. FACT’s speed comes from native connection protocols and proprietary split query logic that unloads billions of rows in minutes.

FACT also creates metadata for data definition files (.DDF) for IRI CoSort and its compatible data management and protection tools, as well as database load utility configuration files.

The automatic metadata creation — and coexistence of other IRI software in the same IDE — facilitates the specification, and combinatory execution, of immediate, or downstream: data transformation, protection, reporting, and (pre-sorted) load operations.

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