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Dbvisit Standby is already trusted by more than 1300 customers in 110 countries to protect their data from hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error and outages. It is the #1 Disaster Recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition enabling you to ensure business continuity on-premises or in the cloud, cost-effectively protect your critical data infrastructure and get more out of your existing investment in Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE), Standard Edition One (SE1) and now Standard Edition Two (SE2) software! And, if you are considering Oracle Database Appliance servers for your Oracle SE environment, together with Dbvisit Standby, you will have the perfect solution for full business continuity and disaster recovery.

SQLNET partners with Dbvisit Software, a team of disaster recovery experts, to offer our customers the comprehensive and well-trusted solution, Dbvisit Standby. Dbvisit Standby ensures complete disaster recovery (DR) for Oracle SE, by reducing business disruption, for Oracle Standard Edition databases. With

SQLNET and Dbvisit Standby, you can ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. In today’s knowledge economy, protecting your critical data is a business imperative. Having a reliable solution in place that mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures a smooth path to recovery is essential to the continued functioning of key areas of your business.

How is works

Dbvisit Standby is built on top of the tried and proven Oracle redo/archive logging mechanism, and provides a complete tool for delivering disaster recovery databases. A Dbvisit Standby configuration consists of a primary (production) database and one or more standby (backup) databases. The primary and standby databases connect using a secure mechanism over TCP/IP, allowing databases to exist anywhere provided they can communicate with one another via TCP/IP.

Save on time and money

Maintaining your database and protecting it against failures is an essential part of the DBAs job. Without the right tools it can prove to be the most unproductive part of it too. Because Dbvisit Standby gives you control over your database environment it makes managing it less of a chore and frees up more time to focus on other activities. Additionally, the savings on license costs and maintenance fees are significant (up to 80%), as there is no need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition to utilise Data Guard and Dbvisit Standby requires you to license only the primary server.

Increase Return On Investment (ROI) with a single product

Dbvisit Standby is also used in the following scenarios to provide even further value for Standard Edition users:

Remote or local standby databases for comprehensive disaster recovery and instant protection for failover sites
Shadow environment to provide risk free investigation and resolution of database bugs or inconsistencies
Batch processing environment capturing snapshots of ‘point in time’ transactions for rollback purposes when errors occur
As a read-only reporting database to run large reports without impacting the primary database and server
To form part of a backup strategy speeding up the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) when restoring databases from tape
Providing a recent ‘point in time’ view of the primary database data, in read-only view mode, for access by a remote office

Dbvisit Standby can be used together with Oracle RAC to provide a scalable and high availability (HA) disaster recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) solution for your Oracle Standard Edition database. In the case of a RAC configuration, if one node fails, Dbvisit Standby on another RAC node can take over the log shipment from the failed node automatically. As easy to set up and manage with Dbvisit Standby as a single instance database is, the RAC database does not require a restart or any of its Oracle parameters changed.

RAC primary and RAC standby database.

All primary nodes need to send the archive logs to a shared location on the RAC standby cluster
Dbvisit Standby only needs to be scheduled on one standby instance to apply the archives from all threads to the standby database

RAC primary and single instance Oracle standby database.

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