We live in an IT world comprised of what appear to be opposing corporate forces. On one hand, we have enormous demands to increase worker productivity and support an ever-changing, distributed and mobile workforce. On the other hand, we are being asked to secure our corporate network access and our underlying corporate data…..and all of this, while managing our overall spend.

SPYRUS has spent over 20 years exclusively focused on the problem of remote access and data protection – “security to the edge®”. Our proprietary Rosetta technology allows us to incorporate the highest level of hardware based security into products such as our Windows To Go live drives, our PocketVault™ encrypted storage USBs, and Rosetta microSDHC™ encrypting flash devices at a very reasonable cost. The result is high mobility and cost savings for your users with dramatically increased corporate security. With SPYRUS, you can have it all.

Physical Device Integrity:

To that end we designed our Windows To Go devices meet the highest physical standards in design and component materials. The combination of stringent environmental testing and additional testing for magnetic fields, X-Ray and long term immersion demonstrate the usability of this high security configuration of the SPYRUS WTG devices in the challenging healthcare environments as well.


The recently publicized hijacking attack at the 2014 Black Hat conference, referred to as “the bad USB attack”, clearly illustrates the need for mobile devices to be aware of and have countermeasures in place to defend against subtle and sophisticated attacks as well as the more obvious brute force attacks. The “bad USB attack” exploited a very common vulnerability in USB devices, allowing modification of the device firmware, to covertly take-over a device and make it do what the attacker wanted rather than what the user expected.


The SPYRUS Windows To Go (WTG) drives have been designed with this kind of threat environment in mind. In particular, the secure WTG drives – the WorkSafe Pro and the Secure Portable Workplace – have built in safeguards and countermeasures for a wide variety of attacks including:


  • Exploitation of weak key generation
  • Password Guessing Attacks (a vulnerability increased with weak passwords)
  • Offline password attack
  • Online password attack
  • Identity Masquerade & Spoofing attacks

    So, the threat is real; and it is naive to think that any particular person or organization is not vulnerable. In fact, there is a whole new industry of “Data Brokers” that has arisen in the last few years, collecting any and all information they can squeeze out of the digital world. And all this information is for sale. Some of these are legitimate activities and others are malicious. But at present there is little or no regulation on these activities. And the fact that these activities can and do take place from almost anywhere in the world makes monitoring and controlling them virtually impossible. Hence the need to determine if and how you want to protect your sensitive information.

    SPYRUS Windows To Go drives turn personal computers, including many Macs (service provided by SPYRUS), into compliant enterprise Windows desktops-with or without connectivity. SPYRUS Windows To Go drives boot the OS and completely bypass the host computer’s hard drive. There is no impact on the host computer and no footprint left behind when the drive is shut down.

    WorkSafe Pro and Secure Portable Workplace provide military-grade XTS-AES 256 hardware encryption over the entire drive, including the operating system, applications, and data storage. All SPYRUS Windows To Go Drives can be configured with BitLocker software encryption. SPYRUS encrypted drives support the full set of Suite B cryptographic algorithms.

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