With Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform for SQL Server, you can perform a zero data loss switchover and also keep your standby synchronised with your primary. The entire process is a single step using the GUI and is very intuitive, The MultiPlatform works based on Real-time, distributed event-driven communications and the components are very to install and manage. The same GUI can be used to manage both Oracle and SQL Server configuration and using multiple configurations actions you can perform switchover and failover for multiple databases at the same time which is very unique to our product and does not involve any complicated requirements to install and manage it.

MultiPlatform Disaster Recovery

• Ensure enterprise wide best-practice while simplifying
disaster recovery plans & execution.
• Simple and common guided workflows on a single GUI
to create, view and manage your Oracle SE and SQL
Server Disaster Recovery.
• Reduce risk by eliminating manual processes and
scripts, and dependence on specific staff.

DR for Oracle SE:

• Like Oracle Data Guard, StandbyMP utilizes physical
replication to prioritize database integrity.
• Oracle Multitenant support allows up to 3 pluggable
Oracle SE databases per license.
• Technology support including RAC, ASM and OMF,
as well as ODA certification.

DR for Microsoft SQL Server:

• Go beyond basic log shipping with effortless creation
and maintenance of many standby databases, smart
notifications and alerts, zero-data-loss switchovers,
automated database failovers, and one-click actions.
• Eliminate manual processes and risk with easy and
automated Disaster Recovery.
• SQL Server optimized workflows, wide version support,
and Linux/Windows support.


Learn why RTO & RPO are important in Disaster Recovery here.


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